Friday, November 21, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Leaning Towards 4 & New Friends

While rounding an aisle last night with Miles in the local Wal-Mart, I heard a small girl almost whispering his voice. As I peered around, I heard his name louder come from an excited little blond headed girl with bottle cap eye glasses. At this, Miles looked at her stunned and snuck into a shy zone. This little girl was beaming becuase she saw Miles and said that she goes to school with him at Grace. It's always cool to see kids that recognize Miles and how excited they get when they say 'hi' to him. I have always felt completely warm and content when other little kids see Miles out in public and get infused by a pure joy. Onto other fronts .. Miles is going to turn 4 on 12.8.08 and it's really a huge mental hurdle for me. No longer is he his young 3-year old, rather he is transforming into a little 4-year old boy. I have always marveled at how much he grows on a regular basis, but 4 is kind of an astronomical number for little Miles. It's been a helluva ride for the little guy .. can't wait to shove those 4 big candles into his cake.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

School Pic and Fall Back

I have officially hit that nail in the road called 'daylight savings' and I'm done with the deflation from those moments. Seems like Miles historically regresses during this loss of light in the day and the general change in our lives during this time. Over this last weekend, he neglected a good rapport with potty training and just wouldn't listen to simple commands. He was doing a host of things that are way out of character for him and there was a decent amount of tears. He has pulled out of this phase, but I'm really considering the possibility of doing heavy lobbying to rid this nasty fall back and spring forward of time. It's an old law that used to help farmers and now becomes a nuiscance to innocent parents. At any rate, we have the new Miles school pic for all to enjoy ..

Monday, November 3, 2008

Miles' Latest Progress Report - 10.30.08

Miles is a happy and loving little boy, who arrives to school each day with a big smile. He is able to follow the class routine with his individual visual schedule. His attention span has increased and he will now stay with an activity at centers longer (up to 7 minutes). Miles shows interest in other peers and is now greeting them in an appropriate manner (no more hair pulling):
  • Miles is beginning to identify his name in print.

  • He can consistently name the color blue and has emerging identification skills with other colors.

  • He can match shapes and receptively identify 3 out of 6 shapes (circle, stars and square).

  • He plays with toys in an appropriate manner and currently is in the state of parallel play.

  • Rote counting and counting objects is an emerging skill.