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The Miles Hospital Stay - 12.9 - 12.14.10

We all wanted to thank each and everyone for the well wishes and thoughts while Miles was on the mend at Children's Mercy South over the long weekend. He caught a nasty pnumonia strand and required some specialized help to get him back on his feet. He did remarkably well considering the amount of wires, tubes and needles that were coming towards him on a regular basis or following him around. He received quality care at the hospital and all the gifts, calls, visits and compliments made the Miles recovery that much swifter. From us to you, thank you. We put together a littler video/photo story of the 4-day stay to appease Miles. He cannot wait to get his own little scrapbook put together of the whole experience. Again, all our thanks and Miles is now at full strength running from one moment to the next in full health.

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