Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Miles Update via Grace Early Childhood

Carrie and I met with Miles' room teacher and speech therapist to get a progress report on how he's done during his first full ride in pre-school. Overall, we were both blown away. His behavior and thirst for learning is very impressive. They said he has the ability to follow directions well, can stay put in one place for up to 15 minutes, tries to say his name in circle time, loves to sing, does well following directions and is overall a joy to each staff member that works with him. Not only is this a great releif to Carrie and I, we are both completely proud of the little guy. From climbing aboard a bus with unbridled delight everyday to bringing home the work he makes everyday, it's beyond cool and nice to see how he's evolving. Things are going well enough that Grace is going to update his IEP with new goals. You know, after these meetings I always leave wanting to do more for him and that is a good thing. A reality check with youngling like Miles is always welcome. Good job little Milo boy -

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008

Merry-Go-Round Metaphor

As is usually the case, Miles will get himself stuck on something in a voracious web of obsession. Lately, it has been doing the sign for horse becasue his grandma took him to the carousel at Independence Center to ride the horse there. So, it's been 'gi-gi' and hitting his head with the horse symbol to recreate the joy. Well, last weekend Carrie and I got him to the zoo to ride the carousel and temporarily took care of that itch. I have a video below illustrating the joy he feels from riding the horse on the merry-go-round .. enjoy.