Tuesday, December 18, 2007

First Full Week of Pre-School

Miles had a tremendous first week at his new school - Grace. Each day I picked him up, I heard a rather encouraging assessment of his first foray into education and amalgamation into a group dynamic. His only drawback, at this point, is that he has isolated cases of pulling another kid's hair. Other than that, he is getting engaged in activities, making new friends and blooming under the fruits of a solid program and IEP. We are beyond words 'glad' that he is transitioning so well and feeling comfortable in his big, first step towards being a soaring little kid.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The First Day of Pre-School

The enormous drum roll into our first 'educational' environment finally arrived yesterday. Carrie, Zen and I escorted our Miles boy into his first classroom-style environment and it was quite an emotional day. Essentially, it was the reason why we moved to Belton and we had just survived an enormous fast track to getting his IEP complete. We were very comfortable with his IEP and quite amazed at the efficiency and graciousness of the Belton Early Childhood Staff. So, once Miles was taken towards his first school activity and we said our good-bye's, he bellowed quite loudly. It was hard to leave that room and I have many more emotions than I thought I would. All morning I looked at the clock to see when I could pick up our little boy and find out how his day went. The report was sparkling. He was completely in control and really embraced his new envirnoment. So, the official end of our foray into First Steps is done and Miles now has a backpack full of school papers. In all it's surreal glory, we are watching our 'baby' slip on into the next phase of his life and it's quite amazing. Finally, I just want to note how proud we all are our Miles boy and how hard he works at everything.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Holiday Party Irony & Sensitivity

This last Saturday, the family loaded up into the car to partake in the annual EFFECT holiday party. This is the organization out of Lee's Summit that is a champion for youths with disabilities, including the Autism Spectrum. Carrie spends a lot of time culling through listserve e-mails to garner solid research and advice from a community of advocates. At any rate, we wanted to get welcomed into the community via flesh versus solely email communication and went on over. As we walked in, a huge array of sights and sounds assailed Miles boy. From the Disney Radio dance floor to a creepy cow mascot with bright pink foam lips, Miles was rather spooked by the overload of 'fun and lights' whirling around. He just couldn't settle into a comfort zone that would allow him and ultimately us to ease into the mix. He was rather civil in a Santa pose, he loved the water droplet mascot running around and did tackle a couple of cookies. Overall, it was way too much for an event that should technically have been enough. This also reminds me of how the double-edged sword can rise over and over with a child like Miles that has sensory issues. Case in point .. at night after being away from him and wanting to just hear him laugh, I'll get him going so hard that he will likely puke. So, even in my desire to have a minute of mad laughter, I have to pull back because it might backfire in a nasty expulsion of accidental glee. At any rate, Carrie and I were happy to go to an EFFECT even and would love to foster more of an existence with like minded couples or a play group. Anything and everything is helpful when you already feel alone in the world of the 'spectrum'.