Saturday, January 28, 2012

Miles & His Pal Elmer

For the better part of a month, Miles has been volunteering once a week at Foxwood Springs Retirement Village with a group of senior citizens in the memory loss ward. He helps with an exercise session and the folks there love it. He loves it. They symbiotic relationship is very beneficial for all involved. Over the weeks, he has gotten attached to certain folks in that Miles sort of way. One of the residents, Elmer, was his favorite. Elmer was a very cool man with a huge basket of frivolity and positive energy that lured Miles in. He is the only person Miles ever asked to go out on the playground and watch him ride his bike and run around. This morning, the first thing Miles said when we bounded through the doors of the unit to begin our pre-exercise ritual was 'Elmer.' Unfortunately a part of this volunteer gig is that with seniors, some will simply not be around during certain weeks. Sadly, Elmer passed peacefully in his sleep last week and he will be greatly missed in the brief time we got to know him. Thanks for being you, Elmer .. Miles loved it.

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