Thursday, May 17, 2007

Winding Down Week One of New Therapy

we are getting to the end of our first full week with behavioral therapy .. it has been going quite well .. miles is much more tired than before, but he is making great strides .. today he is grasping the notion of signing 'water', 'cracker' and is mastering the sign for 'candy' .. his attention span and desire to play with other kids is quite intense and we hear this is a good sign .. today was my first visit to the ABC clinic and i fully absorbed the experience .. if i was ever confused as to how autism works in little people, i am well on my way to figuring out how this mysterious diagnosis rages through the human brain .. overall, miles was delightful today and i feel the slow ease of therapy weighing huge dividends for our miles boy .. one more note .. i completely applaud all the therapists that have dedicated their lives to making babies and kids ease into this reality much smoother than having nothing at all .. it's very cool to see them work .. finally, i have posted several videos on a new page - click here to access - these are video compilations of miles' therapy sessions .. i will take these on a regular basis .. also, i am going to post these on to make them more accessible from this blog .. cheers, joe

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mcewen said...

We'd certainly have been lost without our therapists. They teach the boys, but they teach me too.
Best wishes