Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sweet Miles Music Crossroad

I noticed during the clinical visit last week that Miles did not respond at all to the baby music they were playing with him. The idea was to make Miles dance, point and move about while listening to the music. I think I know why this is happening and it’s likely my fault. I have played Miles quality music from the time he was born. From the Beatles to the Dandy Warhols to John Coltrane to Royksopp. I have drenched this kid’s ears with so many quality tunes that the watered down tempo and melodies of kid’s music just don’t bring a reaction that he’s capable of when he does listen to good music. At the house, I have the iPod on shuffle and he dances, does arm waves and generally gets into the musical groove. On a final note, it has always been difficult for me to play children’s music with Miles. I own a whole lot of kid’s CD’s and have even tried them out, but it doesn’t work for me. If my kid is going to listen to music, it’s going to be top shelf. I may have to make a mixed CD for his future therapy visits. - Joe

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