Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Man's Role in Parenting/Therapy

I recently got a comment on a therapy video via that was congratulating me on being with Miles so much, especially because I’m a man. To compound this notion, I always notice people out in public, particularly women, that give me that look as though I’m some sort of an anomaly for being so available for my son. As appreciative as I am for the feedback, I’m more concerned about our society. How is it that men are lauded with such positions of authority in our culture, yet it’s a weird sight to see them with their children. Sure, I know about the variables that lead women to have more time in childrearing, but I have made a very clear and conscious decision to be available for Miles. I made him a top priority way before therapy and a diagnosis was on the horizon. It’s in my blood and I feel wholly dedicated to his life and therapy in ways the make me mourn a bit for the fact that many men in our society see it as a ‘woman’s’ job or simply something that is not a priority.

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