Monday, May 21, 2007

Miles and the Mysterious, Marvelous Band-Aid

Last weeek Miles tripped and fell down the front porch. This is nothing new as he falls several times a day. He scraped his left hand hard enough to need a band-aid. I noticed that every time his hand hurt, because he picked up sand or got cold water on it, he held up his right hand for me to kiss. He did this even though it was really his left hand that was scraped. I tried to imagine how his brain sends a signal to the hand that it hurts and how he could interpret that it was his right hand and not his left hand. But, of course this boggled my mind as I am not an expert on brains. I remembered how one of his therapists stressed the importance of massaging both feet instead of just one and again I am at a loss and will need to do more research on this matter. In any case, at the end of the day we realized we’d have to put band-aids on both hands because his brain was telling him they both hurt. That is no fun at all! But maybe when he feels pleasure he feels it twice as much…Always a silver lining! - Carrie ..