Friday, November 2, 2007

The Halloween Surprise

In preparation for Halloween this year, we decided to let our 9-year old, Zen, go on with another friend to do his trick or treating. It was our preventative maintenance against having a difficult time with Miles. Leading up to the big kid candy day, Miles didn’t want to wear his lion outfit and got crazy at Zen’s school during their mock version of Halloween. So, to save Zen’s holiday, we decided to corral Miles with minimal house hopping and hanging at the homestead. This Halloween, we were pleasantly surprised by the obedience and fervor that Miles had for his costume and house visits. At many houses, there were plenty of ‘ooooh’s / aaaah’s’ and camera’s snapping a photo of Miles. He was completely cool about his costume. It remained on without any fits or meltdowns. When we would go to houses and enter some, he would be attentive and listen to our directives. Back at home, he was calmly handing out candy to all the kids that came by the house. Overall, our fears were not misplaced, but it was one of those rare occasions that we were wrong on all fronts in anticipation of Miles and his behavior. As a way of thanking little Milo, we let him fill his small body full of candy that night. Both Carrie and I were blown away by how well Miles had done and were equally filled with that kids spirit of a holiday celebrating the coolness of kids.

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