Sunday, October 28, 2007

Listserve Spies

Okay so last week on the listserve I belong to…Someone posted with a bunch of questions about IEPs and Safe chairs and safe spaces and BIST and all these things that when I read about them I start to feel sick…I haven’t had to deal with any of those things yet but I know it is coming and soon. So I am reading about this poor woman and her apparent feeling of helplessness and confusions and anxiety and fear all together and I am thinking WOW, this listserve is a great place…She is going to get a lot of response and a lot of help and people who know what to do out there are going to support her…and me when I need them…What was the response? The response was from a woman who simply stated…This listerve is not confidential…there are representatives from various school districts who routinely get on this site, copy your e-mail if they contain complaints about the district and share them with the various district boards…Directly following that response was another person saying, yes, its true…It happened to me in my district., one of the board members referenced one of my e-mail during a meeting.
I just don’t even know if I can sufficiently express my shock and disgust. Spies! School District Spies on a pathetic little listserve where people go to self educate themselves about their kids special needs, about services supposed to be proved by the state to help them learn effectively…It would be funny if it weren’t so sick….These have to be the same people who voted for G. Bush not once but twice…I swore never to discuss politics in this blog or religion since it has a tendency to ostracize a portion of the population but it is the most effective metaphor I can think of and I don’t really know if anyone reads this anyway so I’ll use whatever metaphors I want from now on!!! In any case…nothing is sacred anymore I swear…To make this blog easier to swallow…the woman who initially posted with her questions replied that she didn’t give a damn who read her post and that they could feel free to quote her e-mail at any meeting any time…that she is the only advocate her child has and she won’t be bullied by LISTSERVE SPIES! Good for her…

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