Monday, November 5, 2007

Jo the Amazing Cleaning Lady

I know I have mentioned this to several people but I feel like writing about it because it is so amazing. My Mom, for my birthday, gave me her cleaning lady once a month for 8 hours…This sounds so…I don’t even know what this sounds like to you the reader… fill in the blank…For me it is like a miracle because you are about to understand CLEANING WITH MILES.

It happens either on Friday morning or Wed morning. The only two mornings we don’t have therapy. I allow my self an extra cup of coffee just to make it bearable. I give him a sponge and a paper towel and a squirt bottle filled with water. I run the water into the sink so I can mop the floor. Miles is vacuuming…He won’t allow me this task which means that the floor always looks like it needs to be vacummed…but he gets so much joy, ya know? I’m mopping away and of course he runs into the kitchen to show me his baby dolls cap which is NOT on her head…Slips on the floor slides into the porch door and has a boo-boo for the rest of the day (boo-boos are another story altogether). We get the “pig” out, a gel filled cold pack that looks, you guessed it, like a pig. And put it on his head for like 12 seconds and he is all better. I fold laundry and he plucks it off the bed and puts it into the dirty laundry basket. What A Good Helper!!! When I am not looking he plucks it into the toilet because the toilet contains water and that is where you clean things…He uses his spray bottle to “clean the windows” and then decides the water dripping down the window needs some substance so he smashes a pretzel into it and it is so much better…Basically, he runs around undoing everything I have done and thinks it is the best thing in the world…Since I am quite attached to a clean house I can’t tell you how much I love Mom and cleaning Lady Jo, who comes when Miles is at the autism clinic once a month…And such a nice woman she is that when she gets here and sees the filth of my house and all the little contributions Miles makes she just humms and clucks to herself, cleaning in peace and quite…Not something I thought I’d ever miss…but there it is…If you ever have the opportunity or means…give the gift of CLEAN.

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