Thursday, November 29, 2007

Favorites & Forgotten

I always get fascinated with the things that Miles will clutch and love over brief spates of time. These are objects pulsing tightly in his grip that if taken away, the walls will quiver with loud defying cries. This morning, he had the DVD remote from our bedroom in one hand and a tiny green new testament Bible in the other. As he clutched those while I was readying him for a new day at clinic, I knew I wasn't going to safely get these items from his grasp. So, as usually is the case of having to give in to possible tantrums, I let him clutch these unique little items in his content hands. While I watched his tiny fingers roll over these items, I was imagining him hitting the rewind button towards the open face of the bible so that I can find deep theological answers to the mystery of his condition and this life. So, instead of sweating the small stuff, I wrapped my imagination around a hugely cool notion of how our special son falls in love each day with something new. And in turn, we all fall in love with little Miles boy each new day in return. There really are times when it all makes sense in a perfect box of sanity .. if you let it be that way.

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