Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Fear Exposed Nationally on CNN

I saw one of the saddest headlines on CNN this week. Apparently, some 10-year old kid with Autism was beat up by a group of kids while getting off the bus and another kid video taped the whole thing. When I watched this boy's Aunt, his legal guardian, talking to reporters, she wouldn't even show her face. There was nothing but her shuffling feet and quivering voice over the video roll of the location where this incident happened. I didn't want to watch the segment, but thought I would peek into how badly segments of our society has devolved. This is my biggest fear about my Miles boy. The cruelty of kids, misunderstanding of adults and the general nadir of pockets of our society make me want to keep Miles at home all the time. All kids need to be protected and this poor kid, along with all kids with any mental/physical limitations, need to be protected by us all. And the parents of these kids that committed this horrible act of brutality need to go to an Autism clinic for one full day to absorb the imagery of what their kids cannot comprehend. Then, they could pass it on to their young ones that feel they are mightier than someone else with a mental impairment that is already enough to deal with each and everyday. I'm scared of America sometimes and when I see stories like this I'm afraid of many people and their collective inability to show civility no matter what is deemed normal or abnormal.

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