Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Miles Leaps into Learning

Carrie and I had our first 'check-up' meeting with Miles' home room teacher and speech therapist at Grace last week and the results blew us away. They spoke sparkling about Miles and his ability to adapt, learn and grow in an educational environment. All of our fears going into this huge process of transitioning our boy into a school environment were essentially quelched as we listened to his amazing jaunt into pre-school. We were told that he had met a number of IEP goals and that we would work some new one's into his plan before summer school starts. Overall, they love Miles and expressed their joy in having him in their collective world. You know, there are so many little things that pang you throughout the day when you have a child with special needs and many of those pangs can be extinguished by meetings like this. I'm almost at a loss for words when I realize how well he is doing and how far he has come. Onward and foward .. good work, Milo boy.

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