Monday, March 17, 2008

The Ballad of a Sick Miles

When Miles gets sick, it’s like regressing almost several weeks in a host of different areas. Recently, he missed a stack of school days and was supremely under the weather. The negative to this is the obvious, but with Miles he loses weight, forgets sounds and generally sinks to an odd kind of low. The upshot of sorts is that he calms down enough so that he will sit with you on the couch to watch a bit of kid programming. Or, he’ll just lounge in contemplation as I do the same. It’s the pleasure/pain split with raising a child like Miles. To get some solace, at times, or a bit of respite requires the little guy to get sick and waller that day for days. Now that he’s at full strength and spring break has started, the rest of us are now sick. I’m personally limping along at work, while Carrie takes care of the kids at home. Rest assured, we’ll all be back up and going here in a matter of days trying to remember where we collectively left off as the sick gun zapped us all hard and heavy.

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