Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Stuck on Sticking

In the catacombs of the Miles 'Austism Spectrum' resides a very unique ability for him to get stuck on doing certain activities. Whether it's putting a CD in and out of a sleeve over and over again, there is always something that can happen wihout notice to get him stuck. Usually, it is the act of dumping water from one cup to another. Other times, he will destroy a granola bar to the point of not being edible becuase he doesn't want the package opened. If one attempts to open a granola bar or raisin box without knowing his non-verbal desire to have them closed, it will turn into a crying fit. A HUGE crying fest. But, I have to say, he gets over things in a relatively short amount of time. I have noticed at the Autism clinic that kids with straight up autism cannot get over things. It lingers and stretches in painful blocks of time. So, overall, I'm kind of endeared by Miles and how his brain works. Sometimes I'll stop and watch him for minutes and he has no idea that I even exist in the room. Over and over he does his cup thing or CD sleeve activity and is completely oblivious to the world. Stuck in his own fold of time and not wavering for a minute lest the world will hear him roar.

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