Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Coaxing My Sense of Things

I was telling Carrie last night that the silver lining of having a son that is deveolpmentally delay like Miles is that we get to hold onto his childhood for a bit longer. I always hear parents bemoan that their kids grow up way too fast and that their childhood is gone all too quickly. As Miles hits his proverbial milestones in a crawling pace, we get to savor the little perfunctory toddler developmental moments with awe. This is the way that I convince myself not to go down the darker path that could lead to withering for Miles and the family. I have to see that half full glass teetering there on the tabletop as our Miles takes his time through this reality. He's a late bloomer - someone that ages well with the wine bottle and I can live with that notion. Sometimes these revelations are paramount to keep the laughter rolling and the therpay sessions relevant.

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