Thursday, March 5, 2009

Seasons and Changing

As we wait for spring, we begin invent a bit of our own spring. Lately, we have been taking Miles to the newly opened pool up the way and he loves it. With new wings on his arms and another year tacked on, he gets better at wading around in the waters. A good part of why we are doing this is to tame the tempest that has been flaring in little Milo of late. With age, a new range of emotions have been boiling to the surface and we are fully engaged in helping him explore his speech-less world in more effective manners. So, as we brim in anticipation for more warm days, we give you a brief video glimpse of one of Miles' favorite outdoor activities .. we're not sure what it's called, but we do know how to describe it. This is Miles mixing a variety of bubble flavors into a big, fancy mix. The end result is a huge mess that he loves and is uniquely him in all his little kid ways.

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