Monday, March 9, 2009

Hi - Eye

Yesterday I learned another huge lesson in the perpetual language interpretation dance that Carrie, Zen and I have to do with Miles. While in Martin City getting Bar-B-Que at the Jack Stacker, Miles began getting very excited at something across the street. He was pointing and hemming about something to do with water and his eye. As I asked him what he wanted, he pointed at a regular tan building across the street in excitement. All the while, he kept pointing to his eye. As I strained to gain his meaning, I was lost. We had no history with the building across the street. It is a home remodeling business and there was nothing more in the frame that was giving me a clue. So, we went in and got our food and made our way back out. I explained to him as we rounded by the building and sped out of sight that I was not sure what he was saying and that we should talk about what he was trying to convey. We could meet that communication compromise. The whole way home he was moaning ‘eye’ and pointing towards the back of the car. This continued in brief intervals throughout the night. Through all of our collective digging into the mysterious riddle, we may have conjured up the notion that he saw a billboard for a commercial that included water and eye wear. Other than that, we are lost and likely going to have to take him back to that building, let him out and allow him the opportunity to solve our riddle and let his small communication dream come true. We’ll let you know if we come into the ‘know’ ourselves. In the meantime, I have attached a raw video that Zen boy recently shot of Miles going though a set of words and sounds that Miles has mastered.

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