Thursday, April 3, 2008

Post Austism Awareness Day

The global initiative to recognize Autism on its inaugural day was a bittersweet occasion for me. While I was content with the notion that the world can recognize the Autism Spectrum, it was hard to watch the stories unfold on the TV. One such show was on Sundance late last night and Carrie had to turn it off. Many of the images, behaviors and feelings are too close to home to get immersed in. Instead, we all watched Smallville and continued to cultivate our own family TV show. Overall, I like the fact that a more global awareness can help all families get the needed funding to cover expensive therapeutic costs. That is huge in my mind to plod forward in the pursuit of a bit of easing for families trying to help their children. Recently, Carrie and I agreed to be a part of a video that is trying to secure funding for something called Bryce's Law. It is a bill currently going through the Missouri Senate to provide funds to families that want to send their children with special needs/autism to private schools of their choice. The link to that video is here: .. Movements start with small pebbles and mount into huge boulders. Hopefully that's what we can watch unfold with further autism spectrum awareness.

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