Monday, January 7, 2008

First Bus Trip

Today was a big day for Miles to take a small step towards independence. He loaded up on the school bus for his first full day of riding to and from school. The initial load into the bus was a very, very hard thing for Carrie and I to go through. Miles had a huge crocodile tear streaking down his cheek as we left him in his harness and his first ride to school in a strange vessel. This is the first time that Carrie and I had ever left him in a car of someone other than family or very close friends. It was a hard string to cut loose. But, he did get a rousing note from his teacher and bus driver saying that he was delightful on the ride. We were greatly relieved as thoughts of abandoning the whole bus notion went through our brains at a very rapid pace. Again, our small Miles boy surprises us with his tiny body of courage, guts and sheer enjoyment of life.

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