Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Feedback, Growth & Emotion

This morning was my very first time putting Miles on the bus by myself. I did it once before with the family, and have been there every day to see him off, but today was the first to see him leave without me. It's quite an emotional thing and I didn't think it was going to gut punch me as hard as it did. My little boy is getting older, wiser and a bit more independent. And he is doing so good at all of it. As we all collectively catch our breath day by day after the move and raucous summer, it's delightful to see the pieces coming together. I got two very promising e-mails regarding Miles yesterday that compounded our notions of his growth and charm. The first was from the Occupational Therapist at Grace Early Childhood that lauded Miles for his ability to follow directions and complete tasks. She was very impressed with his day yesterday, and overall is delighted with his progress. She said that he sat in his chair unprovoked for about 20 minutes. All without a wimper and following direction well. Then, I got another e-mail for the ABC Behavioral Clinic wishing Miles well and saying how much they missed his energy. Miles is a little force and he's bounding so well in the right direction. My morning drive was a wet eyed event becuase of all the changes and amazement of how far Miles is moving in the right direction. As hard as it all can be, it's these mornings of polar opposites that keeps everything in perspective and the sun spreads and spills just right over earth.

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