Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Miles Leaps

As summer winds down, we are amazed at how much Miles has learned and developed over the summer. During our annual meeting with First Steps this morning, Carrie and I went over all the developmental areas that Miles is getting therapeutic help on via the program and talked a lot about progress. From eating on his own more indepentently, to painting/drawing well on his own to quickly picking up sign language, there is a whole lot to be hopeful about as Miles heads towards his 3rd Birthday and the end of services with First Steps. His interest in toys, concentration level and overall excellence in thereapy and living lately has been very cool to witness. The only thing we are waiting for is his language to begin. In small, precise steps, Miles is mouthing sounds and matching them with other sounds. Again, it's a very slow, methodical process that is leading to amazing results. I pause frequently and realize that all of these little monumental leaps are just 'growth' for a majority of the kids in the world, but this is something that is amazing for us. Toys and things from 6 months to a year ago are finally being recognized by Miles. It's quite cool and reassures me that we grow up too fast in this life. So, my silver lining is that he will have more time to soak in the simplicity and goodness in this life. Without a choice, we can make other choices.

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