Thursday, June 28, 2007

Constant Miles Reflection

We are constantly reminded of where Miles is, how far he has come and how much work he has to do to catch up to the ‘proverbial’ curve. The other day, Carrie and I met with the Hickman School District to discuss early childhood possibilities for Miles. As the case has been lately, once we get our names out of the way, we delve into a huge list of questions. As we answer, both of us are churning hard to remember what he is doing and how he is progressing. On the one hand, I walk away from these meetings completely regenerated that Miles is making progress and that there are solid programs in the world to aid a little guy like him that needs the help. On the other hand, it’s an exhausting activity to recant his entire existence as though we are reading a doc’s chart while we prepare for the next procedure. Sometimes I blankly dart around the room and wonder what it would be like to just watch a child develop without the battery of therapists, diagnoses and recommendations for acquiring services. It doesn’t last long, and I don’t buy the ‘regular’ route with children anymore. More than anything, I’m completely enamoured with the coolness of our Miles boy. Finally, I walk away marveling at how much love Miles gets from those within and on the boundaries of his life and how much that will benefit him later in life. Perspective .. it’s truly all about perspective ..

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