Friday, September 11, 2009

Miles Reflection

As we slip further into the fall school year with Miles, it's time for a bit of a reflection what has been going on lately. For the first time, Miles is going full days to school. He goes 4 full days and we have heard from his his teacher, Ms. Connie, that he is doing very well. In addition, he is doing a solid job with his potty training. Overall, he has been working on a variety of skills to better equip him for this world and is trying hard and doing his best at all of them. Also, he has been picking up the acute ability lately of singing songs spontaneously around the house. Quite nice to listen to. Finally, we are really hammering home the use of spoken language instead of sign language. These days Miles is chalk full of change as we keep moving forward at a pace we can comprehend ..

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