Tuesday, January 20, 2009

iPod Light Saber Fun in Traffic

It has been a trying growth spurt lately with Miles boy. He is not enjoying the act of going down for a nap/sleeptime and we are currently working on effective means to calm him and make it a more enjoyable time of the day. On the sunnier side of the egg, he has been really taking to the new iPod touch in the car. His two favorite apps are an animal game that makes a host of animal sounds and a Star Wars light saber interface. While driving, Miles man's the road with his light saber skills by warding off evil empire traffic that may hedge on our path. A video documenting this deft set of Miles skills is below. On a final note, enjoy the political goodness in the air today .. Miles quite enjoyed the Obama innaguration on TV and knows he saw our President Obama in Kansas City during that sunny fall afternoon.

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