Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Miles of Bags & GABBA - GABBA!

As we hurtle forward into the joy of a long, long winter break, we continue to garner much joy from the eccentricies of our Miles boy. In between moments of holiday elation that included a huge Thomas tent for his bed, art supplies galore and a good easel, he has managed to put an enormous amount of things in small zip lock bags. I have be studious lately in capturing images of all these items in each of their respective bag homes for a show at a gallery some time in the future. He puts his coins, play dough, plastic ninja's and a whole host of assorted items. I would strongly reckon that he rips through at least 30 bags a week. At any rate, we are ready to bid '08 farewell and welcome another cool year in the life of Miles and our clan. Finally, we have had a big wish come true when Miles finally sank his teeth into a kid's TV program. His new favorite show is 'Yo Gabba Gabba' and it has turned into a huge obsession for him. He has the clothes, the dolls, a dance mat and other trinkets I have a hard time remembering. But, he loves the show and we have watched it daily for weeks. The infectious explosion of happy kid fun in a timeless world sometimes turns Carrie and I into dizzy zombies. But, we both look at each other in those moments of blaring color and music in the backdrop and smile at a small wish come true and a happy, transfixed Miles staring at the hopping TV screen. Keep your eyes open .. very soon I will be posting a sort of video exposee of the Miles bag conquests.

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