Monday, October 27, 2008

The Miles Cake Walk

Miles had a full boar day of Halloween excitement this last Saturday. He started out at his school, Grace, and ended up in the basement of a church up the road. As he hoped around with sugar ripping through his motions, he gave most everyone a smile in his pumpkin attire. The coolest event of the day was during a cake walk in the church. Carrie had to essentially lead him by the hand over to the cirlce and get him started on his first ever cake walk. As they walked around in circles to 'rock lobster' blaring loudly, Carrie had to carefully keep a hold on his hand. When the music stopped and the winner was announced, I was quite shocked that it was Miles. At the announcement, Miles just looked stunned at the overload of information. His luck landed him a orange pumpkin cake matching his own digs. It made me ponder the pomp and circumstance of our small Miles as I'm sure most looked on wondering why he wasn't more ecstatic about his new cake. The truth is, Miles doesn't need luck, a contest or a 'win' to act ecstatic about anything in particular. His moments of spontanaiety happen when he sees fit and sometimes the little kid gets to win his cake and eat it too.

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