Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Public, Miles and The Stars

I find myself really soaking in the ways that Miles mingles with this world and vice versa. The other day, I was at the playground getting ready to take him across the hanging slider he likes so much and he was giggling like a hyena. Shortly thereafter, a little girl came up and started asking him questions, which prompted sign language. At this, she asked, 'Is he deaf?' I told her that he was mostly non-verbal and we went on our way. After this interaction, I remember Carrie telling me that people are going to start noticing the way Miles is in relationship to other kids in his age range. Nothing too glaring, but non-verbal nature is going to raise some questions in folks. I can't even count how many times we are out and someone asks Miles a set of questions. I usually let Miles say his 'hi' or 'bye' or any other verbal surprise that will arise without saying anything. Other times, I have to stop the woman cutting his hair or the person checking our groceries out and tell them that he is non-verbal. At that point, they clamour up and get that huge question mark on their countenance. Sometimes I say 'Autism Spectrum' to clear the air, other times I just let the silence linger becuase I don't have the stamina to get into it or get the consoling look. On the flip side of this, I love what gets his motor churning in that over the top affection he is so familiar with giving people. There's an older grandmother type next door to us that smokes on a regular basis in front of her house. It used to be that Miles would unleash a litany of 'hi's' on her as she stood out front. Now, he tears away like his shoes are on fire to give her a huge hug. I see the relief and joy on this woman's face as Miles again warms a heart down like a hot flame licking candle wax. It's an amazing sight to see. At any rate, another tiny puncture of light into the world of Miles and our family. Oh, and one last thing, Miles is really getting into looking at the stars at night. We sat on the porch for a good stretch of time last night glancing over a blanket of small celestial punctures. Again, it was one of those sponge moments when each of my pores soaked in the goodness of a spill I wanted to happen.

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