Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pure Miles Consumption

This morning, I was driving into work and getting a good smile over Miles' car seat sitting all quiet in the backseat. It was just another sign and testament to how much Miles is growing on a daily basis. The old car seat is out and the newer, trimmer version is there for his growing body. I love watching all of these milestones (no pun) stack up in the busy weeks that fly by like melting butter. This was all on the heels of putting Miles on the bus for his final day of summer school. It was also on the heels of getting the first e-mail of the day from an editor that wants me to proof a bio piece for a special needs newsletter that is profiling Miles. This is also on the heels of me writing a 5,000-word essay on the growth of Miles for a book that will be published in 2009. Finally, I have to note how cool it was to see a construction paper sailboat project Miles brought home in his back pack this week. It is profiled on the right sidebar of this blog and it blew Carrie, Zen and I away at how nice it was. When I see his little name on his artwork and how he strives so hard at school, it always cracks the largest smile I can concoct. An all consuming Miles morning and the enormity of things around us all really come down to that small kid car seat in the back seat. It's always a joy to watch our boy grow and evolve into a sparkling little kid that he is. Until next time - godspeed.

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Joe DeLuca said...

big time beautiful sailing vessel, mr miles. I salute you little man. i wish we were on it, headed through the doldrums to bora bora.